Aquadive 100 GMT Poseidon Limited Edition final batch


Aquadive 100 GMT Poseidon Limited Edition final batch

Original price was: $1.890,00.Current price is: $1.490,00.

Aquadive King of the Sea

Retail price: $1890.00, Pre-Order Price $1490.00

final batch currently available for shipping within 3 days

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Aquadive King of the Sea

Retail price: $1890.00, Pre-Order Price $1490.00, available to order and ships within 3 business days

The Aquadive Poseidon Watch brings together two heritage dive brands in a singular expression of classical nautical exploration

Historic dive watch manufacturer and exploration pioneers Aquadive Watches have collaborated with Poseidon Diving Systems to produce an ultra-capable, limited-edition dive watch. This new co-branded Aquadive Poseidon GMT celebrates exploration of the uncharted, while paying homage to the many dive watches of the sixties and seventies ordered by major gear manufacturers of that time – including Poseidon, whose brand has long maintained a sterling reputation in the dive community for producing gear suited for the rigors of cold-water diving.

“Following the Synchron Group’s super-successful instantly sold-out 2018 Sub collaboration with Poseidon, we knew our fans and collectors were hungry for more,” says Rick Marei, General Manager of Aquadive Watches and Vice President of the Synchron Watch Group USA. “It’s an honor for us to have the blessing of such a historic and respected dive manufacturer like Poseidon gracing the dial of our modern Aquadive Poseidon GMT watch.”

Inspired by the original Aquadive Timedepth from the 1970s and tailor-made for globetrotting adventurers, the Aquadive Poseidon adheres to the design codes of Aquadive’s best-selling Bathysphere 100 GMT – a markedly capable dive watch with 3300 feet of water resistance and dual time zone functionality, albeit one in a highly wearable 42mm by 12.5mm thick stainless steel case (overall height including case back is 14.1mm). Poseidon’s signature yellow livery lightens the 24-hour ring that encircles the perimeter of the dial, complementing the Swedish brand’s heritage logo at 9:00. The watch is fitted with an ISOfrane strap – a soft, yet markedly durable ladder-style rubber strap that sheds water quickly, and can be easily fitted over bare wrist and wetsuit alike.

The Aquadive Poseidon is powered by a Swiss-made ETA 2893-2 automatic movement with up to 40 hours of power reserve, which simultaneously displays time in both 12-hour, and 24-hour formats. The watch itself is machined from a solid block of stainless steel, and is water resistant to 3300 feet. It is finished with a flat, AR-coated sapphire crystal. The bezel is also constructed from a single machined block of stainless steel, and is topped with a scratch-resistant ceramic ring, which has been engraved with a fully luminous hour scale, used for calculating dive time or decompression stops.

Only 300 pieces of the Aquadive Poseidon Edition dive watch will be produced. The watch has

About Aquadive Watches

 Founded in 1962 during the pioneering days of recreational scuba diving, Aquadive Watches were renowned as dependable tools born out of necessity for divers who required the means of timing duration underwater. Now headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Aquadive continues its proud traditions of being an innovative and independent tool watch manufacturer utilizing exemplary craftsmanship to deliver uncompromising, yet affordable tools that serve the pursuit of exploring the unknown. To accomplish this, each Aquadive watch begins its life as a solid block of surgical grade steel, that is designed, engineered, CNC-machined and

hand-finished, before being equipped with Swiss-made automatic movements, ensuring the utmost quality and reliability in every watch. Learn more about Aquadive watches at

About Poseidon

 In 1958 Ingvar Elvström founded Poseidon. With a quest to solve a range of diving related problems, his innovative solutions placed him among the great entrepreneurial pioneers of the sport. Poseidon has carefully maintained Elvström’s stellar reputation within the diving community, and legacy of innovation with breakthroughs like the MKVI: Poseidon’s first Fully Automatic Rebreather. Hailed as one of the greatest breakthroughs in diving for many decades, the MKVI yields ultra-safe, long, and quiet dives, and represents a giant leap in shifting the diving experience back towards tranquility, allowing users to be an integrated part of the ocean, just as it was millions of years ago. For more information, visit

2 reviews for Aquadive 100 GMT Poseidon Limited Edition final batch

  1. Patrick william Cogburn (verified owner)

    Did y’all receive
    My order today for the
    Yellow Poseidon Watch
    This am?

  2. thord.edqvist

    I have some questions before I finish my order of the watch.

    1) Where do i fill in /choose the colour of the rubberstrap ?
    2) What is the price, 1788 USD or 1490 USD ?

    The text below was copied from your web-store:

    Aquadive King of the Sea
    September 2020 Update, Retail price: $1890.00,
    Pre-Order Price $1490.00 ,
    final batch currently available for pre-order. ETA December 2020”

    I read it as if it is still possible to place a pre-order.



    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, the price is $1490.00 and EU residents pay the 20% VAT during checkout. Yes, it is possible to order today 11.28.2020

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