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technical specs:

Lug width :20mm or 22m

Total usable length: 185mm, overall length: 210mm

For Width: 20mm at the lug , the strap tapers to a 16mm buckle *

For Width: 22mm at the lug, the strap tapers to a 18mm buckle * 

* Buckle style is subject to change without prior notice

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There are hundreds of rubber strap models and styles, but through the years, there’s only been one strap that is known by its brand name, the TROPIC® strap. Once standard issue for the world’s most iconic dive watches throughout the sixties and seventies, the TROPIC® name is back to dive again, using a new and proprietary vulcanized rubber formula optimized to deliver unmatched wearer comfort and quality. Like the original, the new Genuine TROPIC® strap shares the same design elements, adhering to the textured ‘tapestry’ surface that made the original a beloved, multi-generational icon. Its deeply embossed back, and tapered shape are designed to increase wearer comfort, while the strap’s ends are uniquely shaped to create a seamless transition between case, lugs and strap.

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  1. Dane

    Will this be available in 22mm?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, the 22mm will become available in October 2019

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, in a few weeks

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Please sign up for the newsletter to be informed as it becomes available

  2. Yuval

    Hi, could you specify the exact length of each part of the strap, and thickness please,

    • Synchron Store Admin

      usable length is 185mm, and overall length is 215mm

    • Synchron Store Admin

      It is on the product page, here you go
      Lug width :20mm

      Total usable length: 185mm, overall length: 210mm,
      long side: 125mm , short side: 85mm

      Width: 20mm at the lug and tapers to a 16mm

  3. parv

    I have a Citizen dive watch with 2mm spring bars. Can the Tropic strap be used over 2mm thick spring bars? If not, do you have spring bars that will fit with ends (that go into the lugs) around 1.18-1.19mm thick?

  4. Sam Kaddoura (verified owner)

    How thick is the strap please

  5. kim Hurup

    Any chance for a 23mm tapering to 20mm an the buckle end? Would be a perfect match for my Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.
    Best regards from Sweden

  6. Ted Plyler

    Are springbars included? If not what diameter is recommended?

  7. Paul

    The newsletter shows that only 3 colors (black, blue and green) are available. But the ordering page has total 6 color options. Are brown, orange and yellow straps in stock now? Thanks.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      All 5 colors are available in 20mm

  8. Blain

    Will you consider producing shorter straps in the future? It’s impossible to find a properly sized rubber strap for people with smaller wrists these days.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, all 6 listed colors are available, black, brown, NATO green, chocolate brown, orange and yellow

    • Luis G

      I would also be interested in a shorter length version as well! A 70- 105 or 70-110 would be awesome!

  9. David

    Please make 18 or 19 mm, for us vintage watch guys. Thx

  10. emui

    23 mm available pls? thank you!

  11. RW

    Another request here for a shorter version, thanks.

  12. Paul

    Will there be an 18mm version?

  13. Martin Issing

    Please make this available in 19mm lug width to fir all the vintage dive watches out there.

  14. D.L.

    Please let me know when you release the 22mm version of the tropic rubber strap in black.

  15. GH

    Hi. Will 19mm eventually be available?

  16. Andre (verified owner)

    How about 24mm? At least in black.

  17. Fel

    beautiful strap in size 22 and with holes in the handles for the Seiko fat spring bar? thank you and greetings

  18. Fel

    beautiful strap will there be the possibility to have it for spring bar fat Seiko? good day

  19. Ramón

    Hi. In the 22 mm strap, what is the measure of the part that goes in the loop? Thank you.

  20. Zach Phillips (verified owner)

    Any chance there will be a 19mm version someday, at least in black?

  21. Tim

    What is the maximum spring bar thickness (mm) that will fit through these? 1.5, 2.0, 2.5? Thanks!

  22. Engi

    Hello, please those Tropic straps, if purchased in Europe, are shipped from Europe ? Is the price available in euro ?

  23. Ray

    A shorter version would be ideal, as well as a traditional buckle that would also prevent keeper from sliding out.

  24. Vincent

    Like numerous others, I request as well a “short length” strap for those of us with smaller wrists. Thank you.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      The shorter strap is currently in the works, thank you for your feedback

  25. John

    Thanks for the prompt reply. 85 mm shorter part is still too long for those sub-7″ wrist. I appreciate the effort anyway. If you could offer 70 X 105, I bet you will have a more orders online.

    • JP

      I agree, 85mm is too long. 70mm or 75mm would be much better.

      Will the shorter straps be offered in the 22mm version too? I find shorter 22mm rubber straps impossible to find.

      Thank you.

  26. Brian

    What will the 22mm version taper to at the buckle? Will it have the same 4mm taper (e.g., 22mm –> 18mm)?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, the 22mm strap will taper to 18mm

  27. Lif

    Will you ship to Europe, to France more specifically? Do they fit to Seiko 2.5mm spring bars?

  28. pokey074

    Does this come with spring bars? What size fits?

  29. Raoul

    Add me to the long list of people looking for a shorter strap.

  30. Josh

    Will the 20mm fit the Seiko 6105 Diver? It takes 19mm, but wonder if it would squeeze.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi Josh, yes, it will fit well

  31. Hesten

    Can’t wait for the 22mm in nato green 😀

    • Synchron Store Admin

      coming soon

  32. Rick B.

    Will you be making 21mm as well as quick release rubber straps similar to Farer and Chris Ward?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, no plans for a 21mm strap because 22mm straps fit very well on 21 lugged watches, but probably for a quick release option

  33. shamim

    i am thinking of using this with Rolex batman 116710BLNR , will it be compatible?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, the 116710BLNR has 20mm lugs and the 20mm Tropic should fit

  34. John Babel

    Will any of your bands fit the Oris Maldives Limited edition? Band is not straight across, but rather is notched smaller in middle of band – pin runs through the notched part of band)

    • Synchron Store Admin

      No, the Oris Maldives needs a proprietary strap

  35. Andy Parker (verified owner)

    Will you be offering 19mm options, please? If so, could you provide a timescale for these? Thanks.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, not on the short term plan, the 20mm will fit perfectly on 20mm lugs, try it out free and you will see

  36. Frederik Dalum


    Will there be a 22 mm green available? One for the Seiko SKX series.

    Thank you very much,

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, all 20mm colors will be availble

  37. D.L.

    which width of your tropic strap would fit on a 21mm lug to lug watch, given that you have a 20mm and soon a 22mm width?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, the 22mm will fit well

  38. michael.burch13 (verified owner)

    Love the new Tropic strap. The material is more supple, not unlike the ISOfrane and very comfortable against the wrist. I also appreciate that it comes with two strap keepers. Use them both or safekeep one for the future. I hope you have plans for a white as well as other colors? Thanks and keep up the good works!

  39. Oliver

    Do you have a date when the 22mm tropic will be on sale?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, coming December 2019

  40. tony

    22mm Blue Strap – when can we expect it to be release?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, coming December 2019, now postponed to March 2020

  41. Eystein Cato Wang

    When will the 22mm be available?

  42. Vlad

    Any updates on the short version of the strap?

  43. TomFugger

    Please make it 21mm as well! Thx


    When will the 19mm be available ?

  45. Enalto

    I am fond of these straps but my two divers have 19 mm. lugar width !!!

    I’m wondering when you’ll release straps with that lug width.

  46. Steve

    Need 22mm. Anytime soon?

  47. HWS

    Hi, any updates on the ETA for when the shorter length 20mm strap will be available? Thanks!

  48. Samy

    When will the short version become available?


    What’s the problem with making 22 & 24mm straps…..

    • Synchron Store Admin

      There is absolutely no problem making more sizes, they are in the works

  50. PF (verified owner)

    When can we expect the release of 22 mm/24 mm straps and are other types of tropic (for example, the racing type with large holes) in the works as well?

  51. VT

    Will you make shorter lengths? 205mm will be too long to me. Thanks

  52. Thomas

    Got a solid date when the short version of the tropic is ready??

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi Thomas, not yet, it will probably be February 2020

  53. Johnny

    Would really like to see some curved end straps. What differentiates these from the many other interpretations currently available? These look to be thicker than the originals also.
    Any plan for Tropic Sport and Tropic Star in the future?

  54. scott

    Hello…would February 2020 also be the aprox. date the 22mm straps in all lengths and colors be available ?

  55. AJ

    Consider this my vote for a 19mm short version! So many vintage watches out there with 19mm lug width

  56. spinkdaddy

    20mm tapering down to 16mm is a lot. Will you make one that tapers to 18mm?

  57. Governor

    Do your straps fit the fatty seiko spring bar. 2.5 mm thick

  58. Russell

    I’d like to see a shorter size.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes sir, we are working on them, technical drawings, prototyping then manufacturing takes months, so we probably won’t be able to see the short version until April 2020

  59. Chris Larson

    Will there be a 19mm version made? And is the light grey also referred to as the off white?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, sorry, not in 2020, because we tested the current 20mm tropic on several vintage Rolex and Heuer and there is no squeeze at all and the 20mm wears perfectly on them

  60. Chris

    Any update on the 22mms? Thanks,

  61. Jean François

    23 or 24mm size at lugs Would be a Very good option for diving watches Like Blancpain Fifty Fathoms or Panerai. Looking forward

  62. Omri

    When will the 22mm version be available for purchase ?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, coming March 2020

  63. Rohin

    What is the thickness of the strap?

  64. ZRC

    Please when will the 24mm version be available for my ZRC 1964 “French Navy” reissue?
    Many thanks.

  65. Jon

    Any chance of bronze hardware?

  66. romain

    when will the black 20mm be back in stock?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      It is in stock

  67. Brian W Schimke

    Hi there,

    White please? Also curved ends possible in future?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, not likely, sorry, due to the variety of curves of cases, it is impossible to create a one size fits all

  68. Mike Schoon

    Dear sirs, When do you expect to have the green Tropic strap in 22mm in stock? Best regards, mike

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, it is in stock

  69. M S

    You have a response 2/15/20 that the 22mm green Tropic is in stock, but I don’t see it anywhere?

  70. Chans

    Will we see a 21mm strap that will fit an Omega SM300 or will the 22mm suffice for a 21mm lug width, much as the 20 suffices for a 19mm?

  71. Jordan


    When will you have 22mm tropics available again?


  72. L

    Will you produce 18mm for midsize dive watches?

  73. Michael J Strylowski

    When will a 19 mm size be available?

  74. Buggsy Malone

    I don’t get it. In your reply column you say you have a 22mm tropic strap in green in stock, but then on the webpage you say you only have 20mm. I’d like a black tropic rubber strap in 22mm. I’ve asked before and you say it’s coming, and then you keep pushing back the arrival dates. Are you a bunch of goofballs who say anything but do nothing. Are you scam artists or just stupid morons.

  75. Rodrigo

    Hello – Please which is the currency used for the purchase ? $79… EUR or USD?

  76. JM (verified owner)

    do you have 22mm black and green in stock?

  77. Briz

    When do expect green 22mm will be available again?

  78. Shaun Loh

    Hi when do you intend to make a short version of these straps?

  79. Sergio gioser

    When do you expect to have 22mm straps available

  80. Marty

    Will the 22 mm be available soon?

  81. Anthony

    Will a curved lug strap be made? Also what about the acier vintage buckle or even a deployment buckle?

  82. Sergio

    22 mm straps available in march its march 2020 and still no 22 mm tropic straps??

  83. Alen Hulusic


    When do you expect black Tropic 22mm on stock?

    Tnx in advance!

    Best Regards,


  84. Dan Roccha

    Hello…when will the 22mm black be available

  85. Brian

    When is the 22mm black expected to be in stock again? Thanks!

  86. PF (verified owner)

    ETA on 22mm?

  87. Nick

    When will the nato green be available in 22mm?

  88. Guy

    Hi sir, hole spring bar can use original spring bar 2.5mm fat seiko mm300 ?

  89. Eric

    When will 22mm be in stock?

  90. Josh

    Any plan on having 22mm as an option again?

  91. ilker

    Hi, when will the black 22mm be back in stock?

  92. Engi

    please when this tropic strap in 22mm will be available ? Thanks

  93. Leon

    Dear Sir,

    how can i order black tropic in 22mm?


  94. Ersin

    Hi, when is 22mm in black avaible again?

  95. Sean


    The 20mm Tropic black strap shows “Available on backorder”. When will this be back in stock to order?


  96. Razvan Radu

    Does these accept the seiko thick spring bars?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, the holes are made for 2mm springbars, and as there are different Seiko springbars, the Seiko 2mm will fit but the 2.5mm wont, although some owners fit them, but it is not recommended.

  97. Ryan Hewitt

    Do you know when the black tropic strap will be back in stock? How close is the anthracite color to black?

  98. Killian Murphy

    Any plans to do a 22mm version? (I’d like to put this strap on a Tudor Pelagos)

  99. Jon

    What is the measurement for the straps? It says 185mm withith buckle. What is it for each end?

  100. Antonis

    Hello when will the black 22mm be back in stock?


  101. Antonis

    Hello when will the black 22mm be back in stock?

  102. Maxwell

    Any eta for the black 20mm straps? Just curious what the schedule looks like for those since they’re back ordered. Thanks!

  103. Urban

    I have an original tropic band from earlier with curved ends. a tropic with curved ends looks awesome. now i need a new one soon. when do you build on this legacy and bring tropics with curved ends?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, original generic Tropic straps didn’t have a curved lug, only OEM straps made for specific brands had the curve adapted to the curvature of the watch they were made for

  104. Roy

    Are you able to ship to Philippines?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, sure we ship to the Philippines,
      we ship worldwide

  105. BDPettry

    Time on 22mm back in stock?

  106. Anthony Kleeman

    When will the Tropic be available in 19mm

    Regards – Anthony.

  107. Kier

    When will a 19mm strap be available?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, the 20mm fits 19mm lugs perfect, and there are no plans for a 19mm model

  108. Jos

    Is there any news about the 22mm versions?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, the Corona lockdown has caused our factory in Italy to shut down for 10 weeks and they are still not up an running at full capacity, so please pardon the delay.
      thank you

  109. Ronin

    Hi there. Would you have 22mm tropic straps as well? Thanks

  110. Synchron Store Admin

    Hi Jizzle, the straps are made in Italy and this the reason for the delay due to the severe COVID19 lockdown in Northern Italy. We’ll
    best regards

  111. Will Garcia

    Great product!
    Please keep me posted on getting a 22mm black strap for my Seiko 7002 when it’s made available. Thank you!

  112. kier

    Please confirm what size spring bars fit the strap

  113. Richard

    Will you do a 21mm strap? If not, do you recommend 20mm or 22mm to fit a 21mm lug size?

  114. marcochiodi88

    Sul mio omega Seamaster 300 che ha anse da 21 è meglio prendere il 20 o il 22?

    Spedite dall’italia? quindi non dovrei avere dazi.


  115. Beantown_Connoisseur

    Beautiful strap. It would be great if it came in a quick release version!

  116. Alex (verified owner)

    Is the anthracite in 20mm available?

  117. Thomas

    Really?? Bad decision on your part – and totally unprofessional too, leaving customers waiting for so long without ever announcing the cancellation.. Such a shame.

    • Mark

      Totally agree with Thomas on that, thanks for posting. Poor form indeed but what a missed opportunity – sure looked to me from other posts that the interest was there. Gotta wonder how that demand estimate was done, or rather just avoiding another sku. Lost me as a customer, though I’m sure that Uncle Seiko will appreciate my order.

  118. Stef (verified owner)

    The color of the green tropic strap matches perfectly with the dial and bezel of my Seiko MM300 Green Forest ! The comfort is awsome ! Thanks for the quick delivering.

  119. Matt (verified owner)

    I just got my black 20 mm strap, but the buckle seems drastically V-shaped – is it supposed to look like that?

  120. Hanne-Lene (verified owner)

    Hi, the nato strap is perfect on my pam due 38, but it is waaay to long. Are you really not considering making a shorter one? For me the buckle is almost right next to the watch case itself with this strap.

  121. Jonathan

    Update on the 22mm straps? I feel these have been “coming soon” for well over a year. I read the comment on Coronavirus shutdown back in May… Any updates? Will all colorways be available?

  122. Daniel

    Awesome strap! Best quality rubber strap I have experienced so far. Super versatile, as it also fits my 19mm lug width FOIS Speedy for example, without looking bad.
    A clear recommendation from my side.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi Daniel, you can use the 20mm Tropic on any 19mm lugged watch with it looking by any mean squeezed, there are hundreds of photos of vintage 19mm Rolex, Heuer and others using the 20mm Tropic

  123. Patrick

    Please oh please round off the ends at the lugs. I know the flat ends is how the originals were made, but it would look so much better if there were no sharp edges at the lugs that stick out when the strap curves around the wrist. Maybe have both options available?

  124. Will

    What length are the two individual pieces of the strap?

  125. Rodolfo Canciller (verified owner)

    Awesome Iconic Tropic strap! Anthracite color compliments my watch very well. Shipping from Austria to California in just 3 days, wow!

  126. Robin Lindeberg

    Need a 21mm version of this strap. Maby the basic colors. Gray, navy blue and black as a start.

  127. Laurent (verified owner)

    Pouvez vous m’informer lors de la vente en 22 mm, m

  128. Christian Frank Stewart

    It the most comfortable strap I’ve ever worn. I’m dying for a 22mm option. I know there are other brands, but I doubt they are as supple and stretchy. The only issue is that there is wiggle room with my 20mm spring bars. Quality product, I’ll be buying more. Oh, and it still smells delicious.

  129. Inno

    Can you email me when you have shorter version? Thanks.

  130. Joe

    1 on prioritizing a shorter 20mm strap. Would make Tropic absolutely perfect for the Divers Sixty-Five, Black Bay Fifty-Eight and more.

  131. Reto

    Hi there

    You still offer only one size? When is there a 22mm strap available?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Coming October 2020

  132. Tk

    Hello, i cant seem to select true blue colour. Is it for sale yet? Thank you

  133. Patrick


    Do you plan to offer the strap with a rounded end instead of the straight sharp edge?

  134. Bojan

    Hey there
    How long is each part?
    Kind regards 🙂

  135. Marti

    Will there be other models available?
    Best regards

  136. Ja Rle

    Will we ever see a 23 or 24 mm version?

  137. James

    Is there any news for a 23mm strap?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, Tropic never had plans to make 23mm straps ,this is a rather proprietary lug size that we don’t plan on issuing

  138. James Powers

    looking for your 22 mm strap in color True Blue. would like to be notified when available.

  139. Jesús

    And 19 mm? any plans?

  140. Al Preciado

    When will the 22mm strap be available?

  141. Vincenzo M

    Anu plan to produce and commercialize the 22 mm version?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi Vicenzo, yes, the 22mm Tropic is coming soon
      best regards

  142. Laurent (verified owner)

    Pouvez vous me prévenir pour la taille 22 mm ? Merci d’avance. Laurent

  143. Rait

    Can the 20mm strap fit to 19 mm lugs?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, yes, the 20mm straps fits 19mm lugs very well

  144. Reno

    Can the Tropic take Seiko’s fat spring bar?

  145. Fern (verified owner)

    Will you sell the 20mm upgraded buckles as replacement items?

    Also please add 22mm strap option!!

  146. Chris (verified owner)

    Any plans to make a red one?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, sorry, not currently planned
      best regards

  147. roberto m

    does the tropic strap 20mm hold the seiko fat spring bars (e.g. MM300)?

  148. Jonathan L

    Will the 22mm version cope with 2,5mm diameter spring bars ? If not, what will be the diameter of holes for spring bars ?
    Best regards

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi the springbar diameter to fit all our straps is ≤2mm

  149. Shawn

    Any plans for a red???

  150. Kyle

    If you could create the 20mm strap with curved ends that fit the 14060 Submariner, I believe it would be a big hit. The curved ends would make this impressive strap even more so.

  151. Daniel

    The doxa works very well with your orange strap. These straps are really good for the summer weather we’re having right now. They make orange dial doxa which would have worked even better. I love that watch, it’s such a strap monster

  152. Andrew

    There’s a ton of Seiko’s out there, particularly the recent re-issues, that could use a 19 mm version of this strap. Any plans to produce a 19 mm version?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, all Tropic 20mm straps will accommodate 19 and 20mm lugs without any squeeze or whatsoever.

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Hi, All Tropic 20mm will fit 19-20mm lugs

  153. M

    When will 22mm straps be available?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      November 2020

  154. Phil (verified owner)

    Will the 22mm taper to 20 or 18mm at the buckle?

  155. John

    Will there ever be a 22mm brown tropic available?

    • Synchron Store Admin

      Yes, down the road

  156. MARK

    Any plans to make shorter straps? I am 110/77, so 210mm is too long. 110/80 would be appropriate for a lot of people.

  157. yicheng0411 (verified owner)

    When will the TROPIC STRAP be available?

  158. Franck

    Do you plan to make a 23mm Tropic Strap for watches like Blancpain Fifty Fathoms ?
    Many people are waiting for your perfect strap with a lug width 23mm.
    Thank you for your response

  159. Alexander

    Good day!

    Hope all is well with you!

    May I ask do if you have any plans to release Tropic Star 22mm in the future?

    Thank you!


  160. Alexander

    Good day!

    Hope you are doing well these days!

    May I ask you to advise if you have plans to re-issue Tropic Star straps this year. This time the vintage straps cost from 80 to 350 euros. And people buy them! If you would make Tropic Star strap I definitely buy for every watch I have. And, as you can see on my IG account I have various Tropic Star straps already. I love them!

    And I want to buy new straps in different colors for each size 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm and 22mm. I am pretty sure other collectors will buy from you.

    For example, in the article https://www.fratellowatches.com/tropic-sport-strap-review-the-return-of-a-vintage-icon/:
    “Hopefully, over time, the company will start producing the other iconic models, such as the Sport and the Star too. I’m a huge Tropic Star fan, and I think that those straps fit a much larger group of watches”

    And I agree with this totally.

    Hope to hear from you some good news!

    Best regards,

  161. bobbyrossy

    Fantastic strap. Love the taper. Any plans on incorporation quick release springbars?

  162. Thomas

    Etant un peu perfectionniste sur les bords, je me suis beaucoup, beaucoup, beacuoup renseigné avant de porter mon choix sur ce produit. Etant satisfait, je tenais donc à partager mon avis afin d’aider d’autres personnes en questionnement. –> Bravo pour le service après-vente, réponse reçue le jour même ! En ce qui concerne ce produit (Original Tropic Strap 22mm), je le trouve très bien fini et le rendu est vraiment très joli! Il m’a permis de rendre ma montre de plongée plus légère qu’avec le bracelet en acier et, selon moi, plus élégante tout en restant dans l’esprit d’une montre de plongée (du cuir serait illogique). J’ai immédiatemment reçu des compliments :). Le strap est souple, aucune odeur, n’attire pas la poussière et reste parfaitement propre jour après jour, beaucoup de perforations permettant un bon ajustement, ma peau respire bien. Le dessin gauffré a un aspect moins rugueux que sur les images. Il est bien plus beau en réalité. L’alternance des lignes capte la lumière et donne un rendu très fin et presque soyeux. Le léger crantage qui borde le bracelet permet de maintenir les passants bien en place . J’ai installé ce strap de couleur noire sur une Seiko king turtle noire et c’est du plus bel effet. Les barrettes d’origine de cette montre sont exceptionnellement larges, j’ai donc dû pousser fortement pour les faire rentrer, mais ça a bien fonctionné gràce à la souplesse et à la résistance du strap. Je recommande donc ce produit. Vous pouvez l’acheter les yeux fermés :). Ciao

  163. Vincent

    Do you make 19mm tropics?

  164. Hansen PAN

    Hello, pls made 23/20 strap for blancpain fifty fathoms !

  165. Bernard Cenney (verified owner)

    The green rubber Tropic strap is the absolute best divers strap for my vintage Rolex 1680 Submariner underwater. Unlike a vintage metal bracelet (which can fall apart during undersea activities) or the nylon NATO (which has a tendency to stretch when wet), the Synchron Tropic is secure, doesn’t stretch, and totally waterproof. A fantastic strap. Thank you Synchron/Tropic!

  166. rod

    At first, I was concerned with the high price ($80), but after getting the black 22mm for my Seiko Sport 5 GMT, I must say that these are the BEST watch bands I’ve ever tried! They’re more comfortable than any of my other bands from either Barton or Archer. I will not hesitate to purchase another for my other watches. Thank you!!

  167. Bryan

    Will you be releasing a 22mm in Orange?

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